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About Yalding:

Yalding, originally called Ealding, from the Saxon followers of the tribe of Ealda, stands at the important junction - confluence of three rivers. Each river is still crossed by a medieval bridge, with Town Bridge over the Beult, Twyford Bridge over the Medway, and Laddingford Bridge over the Teise. After the Norman Conquest, unlike surrounding parishes that were held by the Church, the manor of Yalding was given in knights service to Gilbert de Tonbridge, whose descendants divided the parish, allowing many yeoman farmers to establish property, and consequently a larger population. This is displayed by having a sizeable parish church without any large monuments. The grant for a weekly market was given in 1339, and the width of the High Street still serves as an ideal venue for our farmer’s market today.

At the top of the High Street is Cleaves that used to be a flourishing Grammar school from 1665 to 1921, attracting boarders from as far afield as Paris. Kenward House was for 200 years the home of that family, and is now a rehabilitation centre, still bearing that name.

The twentieth century saw many changes, from being the largest hop-growing parish in the county, to now harvesting very few; from having twenty shops to only one; from at least fifteen public houses plus beer-houses, now reduced to just six. There are many sports and social groups, the longest active one since 1798 is the Cricket club.



Fruit, Vegetables, Fresh Meats, Smoked Fish, Bread, Homebake, Flowers, Shrubs, Herbs, Eggs, Wine, Honey, Cheese, Preserves, Fruit Juices, Fudge

Yalding Farmers Market
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